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Ocean Zone Divers Internship Programs

Why choose Ocean Zone Divers Internships programs ?

Ocean Zone Divers was the first technical dive shop to open on the Island of Phuket and has been leading ever since. Because we offer certification through many different agencies, the students are exposed to different diving philosophy and training skills, hugely increasing their overall diving knowledge.

What will you gain from our internship programs ?

Because you will be exposed for substantially longer training time, interns will not only learn the skills, but you will have time to actually master them. The increased exposure time to expert advice will also clarify all the grey corners of your academic knowledge. For those following professional level internships, invaluable work experience will be gained by assisting experienced instructors.

Other advantages of becoming an intern

Ocean Zone Divers interns benefit from discounted prices on day trips and liveaboard safaris. Interns will also benefit from equipment packages, repair workshops and basic compressor and gas mixing understanding. During the whole length of the internship, interns have access to free wireless internet through their personal laptop. Interns requiring accommodation will enjoy discounted prices with our partner hotels.

Who can follow our internships ?

Internships are available to anybody above the age of eighteen years and medically fit to dive. Prerequisites apply to all courses so if you are joining the internship with a current diver certification for any agency please email us to make sure you meet the requirements before making a booking.

Ocean Zone Divers Internship programs

Ocean Zone Divers offers many internship programs. All internships are flexible and will be tailored to the individual particular needs on the first day of the program.

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Got something to ask us ?

We are Technical diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked technical diving questions or contact us directly.