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Why choose Ocean Zone Divers

Ocean Zone Divers is specialized in diving education since 1996. Hundreds of students have put there faith into us and we trained them to the highest standards. One of our unique feature is that we are a multi agency dive school, that is we teach through many different organizations. This gives us the best insight from all major systems and allows us to select what we believe are the best skills and techniques to incorporate in our dive courses.

Ocean Zone Divers is the premier choice for your diving education simply because we are he most experienced with many years of diving education behind us. Because we have experience in all fields related to diving (military, commercial and recreational) we have a 360° view of the skills and techniques involved allowing us to come up with an educational systems that uses the best of all these fields.

Diver programs

We teach recreational diving through many different agency's, but we focus mainly on PADI, CMAS/TDA and SDI programs (on request we can also teach NAUI programs). Ocean Zone Divers was originaly specialized in technical diving, we teach all levels of these courses through TDI, CMAS and DSAT (on request we can also teach NAUI TEC, IANTD and PSAI).

Instructor programs

Ocean Zone Divers is also an Instructor Training Facility and offers Instructor courses to all levels from all mentioned agency's. Our candidates are exposed to modern concepts of hyperbaric knowledge and trained to a very high standard of academics and in water skills.

At Ocean Zone Divers, we have a unique teaching system where the candidates start with a common base to all Instructor programs. The initial training phase is an intensive learning portion where we cover the necessary physics, physiology, equipment, dive planning, first aid, confined water training, open water training and free diving. Day's usually begins with a pool session where candidates work on there breath holding skills and swimming techniques. After this initial training portion the candidates then move on to learning the standards of the agency for which they would like to site the exam, acquiring particular knowledge of the agency. The final and last step is the examination process where candidates are evaluated by experts of each agency and are finally certified if successful.

Specialized Education

Ocean Zone Divers is specialized in overhead environments and offer wreck penetration and cave courses. These courses address the risks of diving in an overhead environment where access to the surface is not available. Proper education is mandatory to be able to explore this type of diving.


Ocean Zone Divers offers different types of internships. The longer training programs are designed to give you hands on practice,hugely increasing your knowledge. If you have the time and the will to follow such programs, please check our Internship programs.

Got something to ask us ?

We are diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked diving questions or contact us directly.