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Technical diving demystified - clearing the confusion about technical diving

Many divers struggle to understand what technical diving is? Well to keep it simple lets define it as "Diving beyond the accepted recreational limits". With that definition laid down we now need to define recreational diving??

Actually that is clear cut in certain agencies, but shadier in others. As a general rule within American diving agencies the definition of recreational diving is "Diving in water depth shallower than 40msw and not entering mandatory decompression stops", but many agencies in Europe under CMAS allow diving down to 60msw including mandatory decompression stops…

So what is technical diving????

Maybe a better definition of technical diving is using specific gear configuration, using multiple breathing gases to optimize the dive and/or diving in overhead environments such as wrecks or caves.

If we accept the previous definition, let's take a look at the technical diving curriculum.

Technical Diving Curriculum

First of all we have the courses that make the core of technical diving:

Advanced Nitrox Decompression Procedures Extended Range - Normoxic Trimix Hypoxic Trimix

These courses teach you in a progressive manner how to dive with double tanks and use stage bottles containing richer mixes for decompression. The progression moves from air as bottom gas to Trimix wich is basically air or Nitrox with the addition of helium allowing for deeper diving using a safe gas media.

Around the core educational programs we find all the more specialized courses that fit 3 families:

  • Overhead environments: the overhead environments regroup cave diving and wreck penetration diving.

  • Rebreathers: rebreathers deal with both Semi Closed and fully Closed Rebreather.

  • Technician Courses: technician courses deal with gas mixing and equipment maintenance for engaging in technical diving.

If you wish to learn more about the available Technical diving courses follow this link www.oceanzonedivers.com/technical_courses.html