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Recreational Diving with Ocean Zone Divers

At Ocean Zone Divers, we believe that diving should be fun, however, we also believe that a serious educational background will produce safer divers. Recreational diving also known as fun diving is defined as non decompression diving to a maximum depth of 40m.

Phuket is an ideal place to discover the underwater world or continue your diving education. Blessed with some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, the Andaman Sea has a lot to offer. Phuket has it all; reef diving, wall diving, wreck diving, cavern diving and deep diving.

The dive school is equipped with only the best quality and new equipment.

Our instructors are certified with multiple agencies and have many years of experience in teaching both Technical and Recreational diving, this allows them to give you the best possible education with an insight into the different diving systems. Courses are available in a variety of languages (French, English, German, Swedish, Japanese, Italian and Thai) through PADI, SDI and CMAS (on request courses can be run through NAUI).

Learning to Dive

Learning to dive involves three basic steps; academic study that includes the physics and physiology of diving; confined-water training (often called pool training) to learn and practice basic skills; and open-water dives to prove mastery of basic dive skills. While there are no shortcuts to this process, we offer flexible training options to enable busy students to fit dive training into busy schedules. Three options open up for those who decided to get wet.

  • Discover Scuba Diving is designed for those who would like to try diving before actually signing up for a full course.

  • Scuba Diver course is designed for those who wish to take the course but do not have enough time to complete the training.

  • Open Water course is designed for those who wish to get certified in Scuba Diving.

Recreational Education Chart

Take a look at our easy to follow recreational education chart. Click on the course box to get more details.

Recreational Dive Progression Chart Scuba Review program overview Discover Scuba courses overview Scuba Diver course overview Open Water Diver (Level 1) course overview Advanced Diver (Level 2) course overview Medic First Aid & CPR course overview Rescue Diver (Level 3) courseoverview Master Scuba Diver course overview Boat Diver course overview Computer Diver course overview DPV Diver course overview Drift Diver course overview Nitrox Diver course overview Cavern course overview Semiclosed Rebreather course overview Nitrox Diver course overview Search & Recovery course overview Fish ID course overview Underwater Navigation course overview Night Diver course overview Peek Performance Buoyancy course overview Equipment Specialist course overview Solo Diver course overview Underwater Naturalist course overview Underwater Photography course overview Oxygen Provider course overview Deep Diver course overview Multi Level course overview Wreck Diver course overview Full Face Mask course overview Nitrox Blender courseoverview Visual Inspection Procedures course overview Oxygen Service Technician course overview Pro courses overview