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This page is dedicated to dives sites that are not regularly visited from main stream dive tourists visiting Phuket. Though our local dive sites have some superb diving, we like to go to places that most dive centers never visit. One of these areas is the National Park of Kaow Sok. These are fresh water dives in a pristine environment where nature is still at its best. This is the perfect place to retire in peace and enjoy some splendid cavern dives, wall dives or even deep water dives mixed with eco tours to discover the incredible tropical life that lies in the forest.

Other options are fabulous caves and caverns in Phi Phi Islands and Koh Ha Islands. Both these places can be visited by recreational divers holding a few extra pieces of dive kit to ensure safety and have a minimum of overhead education to dive safely in these environments. This education can be done in two evenings (one prior to the dives, one following the first day of diving).

One of the first loves of Ocean Zone Divers is wrecks and wreck diving. For those who share this passion, Phuket has numerous wrecks accessible by recreational divers. The King Cruiser is the main destination, then we have the wrecks lying in Racha Yai, but the wrecks we like to visit are located near Tap Lamu. The large cargo (80m long) lies between 24 and 45m of water. This pristine wreck is an ideal place to dive Nitrox and enjoy enough bottom dive time versus decompression time. Nearby rests two small tin barges that are packed with life.

Kaow Sok National Park

The National Park of Kaow Sok is the where lies the artificial lake Cheow Lan, water reservoir to Rajaprapat Dam. This place is a wildlife wonderland and hosts one the most unique flowers in the world. This is the paradise to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and just relax and enjoy 100% nature. The diving here is amazing here offering a few terrific caves, some awesome caverns and incredible deeper dives in the underwater tropical jungle. We suggest a one night stop over here to fully grasp the beauty of this area.

Phi Phi or Koh Ha Caves

Phi Phi Islands and Koh Ha are famous dive sites but the caves and caverns are less visited and actually unknown to most divers. This trip is also recommended with a one night stopover in Phi Phi in order to minimise the ratio of boat trip to relaxing and diving. As mentionned mentioned previously cavern diving requires some kit and training to be performed safely. All this can be done in conjuction with this trip.

Sea Chart and trhe Tin Mine Wrecks

Wreck diving is one of the most exhilarating type of dives you can engage in. Because these wrecks lie slightly off the main routes, only few divers visit these amazing homes to a large variety of tropical sea life. Because Sea Chart 1 lies in the limits of recreational diving, diving with Nitrox is highly recommended to optimise bottom time. This course can be run in conjunction with this trip.