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Continue the Adventure - Learn more about Scuba Diving

Congratulation for your previous achievements and certifications obtained in scuba diving. If you find yourself looking at this page and looking for some new paths to explore within your diving curriculum. The normal path for a scuba diver to follow is the following:

PADI Advanced Open Water PADI Rescue Diver PADI Divemaster

However, this is by no means the only path !!!

Scuba diving has a lot to offer in terms of educational programs that follow a purely diving education but also offers all kinds of courses designed to introduce you to a new diving activity. These courses are normally found under the family of Specialty courses. It's well worth investigating these courses as their truly is something for every diver.

Photography, Videography and Naturalisme are among these courses. For the more adventurous divers why not consider caverns, wrecks, the use of a DPV (underwater scooter), Nitrox diving or using a Rebreather to venture in the underwaterworld.

Technical Diving

Another option that is open to divers holding at least an advanced certification is the technical diving track. If you really want to learn more about diving, this is probably the best option. This is an entirely new family of courses. To learn more about technical diving courses go to Technical Diving Introduction page.

Recreational Education Chart

To help you decide about your next course, we have listed most of the diving specialties open to scuba diver. Take a look at our easy to follow recreational education chart. Click on the course box to get more details.

Recreational Dive Progression Chart Scuba Review program overview Discover Scuba courses overview Scuba Diver course overview Open Water Diver (Level 1) course overview Advanced Diver (Level 2) course overview Medic First Aid & CPR course overview Rescue Diver (Level 3) courseoverview Master Scuba Diver course overview Cavern course overview Drift Diver course overview Semiclosed Rebreather course overview Nitrox Diver course overview Search & Recovery course overview Fish ID course overview Underwater Navigation course overview Night Diver course overview Peek Performance Buoyancy course overview Equipment Specialist course overview Solo Diver course overview Underwater Naturalist course overview Underwater Photography course overview Boat Diver course overview Oxygen Provider course overview Deep Diver course overview Multi Level course overview Wreck Diver course overview Full Face Mask course overview DPV Diver course overview Computer Diver course overview Nitrox Blender course overview Visual Inspection Procedures course overview Oxygen Service Technician course overview Pro courses overview

Got something to ask us ?

We are diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked diving questions or contact us directly.