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Manta Rai at Hin Deang

Phuket Daytrips - Hin Deang and Hin Muang

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Hin Deang and Hin Muang lie 40 miles South of Phuket. Both dive sites are separated by only 100m and are quoted as some of the best diving in Thai waters. It's recommended that the divers who visit Hin Deang and Hin Muang are experienced divers, as they can be subject to current and have drop offs down to 70m.

Manta at Hin MuangPelagic Baraccuda at Hin Deng

The only day boats capable of reaching Hin Deang or Hin Muang leaving from Chalong are specially designed diving speed boats. The usual departure time is 08h00 and return time is 18h00. Speed boats are available every day. These boats operate for small groups only or individuals willing to charter the whole boat. These are full day trips with departures at 08h00 and return time is 18h00. This can be an extremely bouncy trip as these boats are not really designed for going that far, that quick.

Speed Boats

Hin Deng 6-50m

Hin Deang is classified as on of the best dive sites in Thailand. This massive limestone pinnacle protrudes by only a few meters above the surface. On the southwest side a vertical wall drops down to 50m. The pinnacle is covered with colorful soft corals and oysters, with huge beds of anemones in the shallower portions. Large stingrays have a tendency to rest on the sea bed. Large schools of barracuda, tuna and fusilier cruise around the rock and if you are lucky, you may get the visit of a reef shark.

Hin Muang 9-70m

Hin Muang is definitely a world class dive site. This totally submerged rock is completely covered with hard, soft and antipatharian corals, sea fans and sea anemones. All the reef species found in the Similan can be seen here together with large oceanic visitors; whale sharks, manta rays, whitetips silvertips and gray sharks.