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Koh Ha Islands

Phuket Daytrips - Koh Ha

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Diving Koh Ha is another pristine set of Islands highlighted by a series of fascinating caverns which are located at Koh Ha Yai, the largest of the group of islands. The caverns have large entrances at 10-14m depth and are safe to enter. You can surface inside and see the ancient stalactites which hang from the cave ceiling. Another big attraction here are the swim-throughs. You can access the main cave by entering the swim-through to the right of the main cavern entrance. Once through the entranceway, drop down a little and then make a sharp left to squeeze out through the exit point. You'll find yourself back in the main cavern's chamber!

Koh Ha cave entranceKoh Ha cave diver

The only boats capable of reaching Koh Ha Islands are specially designed diving speed boats. The usual departure time is 06h00 and return time is 18h30. Speed boats are available every day.

Speed Boats

Emerald Cave

The highlight of diving here is a series of caves, or caverns on the largest of the islands, Koh Ha Yai. The emerald light filtering through the cave entrance at sunrise is quite magical. The caves are safe to enter, even without a light, as the entrances to the first caves are large. You can surface inside the caves and see stalactites hanging down from the ceiling above.

The Chimney

The swim through on this dive site is fantastic. A small hole in the rocky floor about 1.5 metres in diameter on only 5 metres which takes you down through a narrow tunnel to an exit point at 16 metres. This swim through branches off into caves which are not safe! Be sure to dive these sites with a locally experienced Dive Master with a safety line to guide the way through to the exit point.